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Board of Directors - 2013-14

Laurie Alexander
My name is Laurie Alexander. My husband Syd and I are active, long- time members of the Chapel of the Cross where I worked on the recent Capital Campaign and have been involved in a variety of ways over the past 35 years. I was honored to accept Watty Bowesí invitation to join the Board and look forward to working with all of the members of the Johnson Intern Program community.
Professionally I am a retired elementary school teacher. I enjoy substitute teaching, particularly filling long term leaves which give me the opportunity to throw myself into teaching.
Along with church work and teaching, I have always considered service a key ingredient in my life. I volunteered for several years with A Helping Hand. It provided me with the blessing of sharing an older womanís final years with her. I have also spent time with young men struggling with reading through the Augustine Project. My current volunteer work at the Carolina Campus Community Garden has the added benefit of including the outdoors and plants, two of my other passions. Service to my community for me has been trying to get out the vote and trying to collect up the roadside trash.

Adwoa Asare
I first connected with the Johnson Intern Program as a 2010-2011 intern. After graduating from Wake Forest University, I felt the strong sense of urgency as many young adults do to discover my purpose and calling. Participating in JIP connected me to a network of other young adults as well as adult mentors who are now like family to me. I was excited to accept a position on the Board in 2012 and hope that my experience as an alumna can be of value to each incoming class of interns. I currently work at Habitat for Humanity of Orange County and have found great meaning in my work there. My experience with JIP and the connections I made at that time continue to serve me well years after completing my time of service.

Brian Coggins
I've been a part of the Chapel of the Cross, the Episcopal parish that founded the JIP, since 2006, and I've been hearing great things about the Johnson interns since nearly the day I arrived. Having recently been elected to the parish Vestry, I'm very happy now to have a chance to become involved with this program and to serve as a liaison between the JIP and the parish. In my day job, I am a scientist at Duke, teaching biochemistry to premedical undergraduate students and doing research on protein molecules connected to human disease. I am also the co-founder of a small startup company, PhD Posters, which helps scientists communicate their work at scientific conferences. At the Chapel of the Cross, I sing in the choir and sometimes fill in as a guest organist, and I volunteer on the parish cooking team at the Interfaith Council for Social Service's Community Kitchen. I love music, food, history, literature, and the outdoors, and I can often be found in the fall and spring hiking the Appalachian Trail in western NC and VA. I greatly enjoy working with my students and I can't wait to get to know the JIP interns and to be a part of this program!

Alice Cotten
Iím currently serving a second term on the JIP board. Iím a former librarian at UNC and have lived in Chapel Hill since coming here to attend UNC years ago. My husband and I became members of the Chapel of the Cross in 2005. I have been involved with outreach and centering prayer and have been a grateful participant in many parish opportunities for spiritual reflection and learning. I was first attracted to the JIP program through a parish adult education presentation in which interns spoke of their experiences in the JIP community and of their work placements, but it was the personal invitation of Watty Bowes that really brought me onto the board. It has been a rewarding and humbling experience to work with other board members and to meet and get to know the interns. Both groups are amazingly talented and devoted, and I have learned that this program can make a difference for good in the lives of interns, those with whom they work, and members of the board.

Mary Davis
As a child in a Catholic family, I never thought Iíd be a regular church service participant or church community member. A colleague recommended the Chapel of the Cross to me during a time in my life where I needed a place of healing. It has become that and much more to me. Now my bike riding buddy Ted Vaden finds opportunities for me to contribute to that community any chance he can get.
Perhaps Ted saw in me a spirit of giving and appreciation for service learning he did not even know the extent of. As a graduate of Guilford College, a Quaker institution that subtly engaged all students in spirituality, I spent a semester abroad in Guadalajara that included community service in a barrio.
Moreover, my career in public health is centered in service learning and community. We seek to improve the health of all peoples. While my job is way behind the scenes, not the frontline of epidemics, I hope that I help those on the front lines do their jobs better. Iíve taught many masters students skills in evaluation and management of evaluation tasks and taught doctoral students how to be better leaders using evaluation skills. Seeing students of all ages thrives brings me great joy. I hope to make similar contributions to JIP.

Solita Denard
My name is Solita Denard and I am thrilled to serve on the Johnson Intern Program Board! I know first-hand how important it is to help shape new leaders, as I participated in Public Allies as a young adult. My year of service began the process of finding my voice and understanding my unique contribution to the world. My professional background as a Social Worker prepared me to approach new experiences and challenges by asking "What are our strengths?Ē. I believe the world holds abundant resources and the work for social change includes creating ways to gather and share this capital with others.
I am currently the Program Director for BOOST (Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology) at Duke University. We are passionate about exposing youth to educational and career opportunities in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). We seek to increase the number of young women, people of color and individuals from economically challenged communities entering professional science programs. I completed my graduate studies at UNC-Chapel Hill and my previous work includes program development, recruitment, research and training. I also enjoy cooking, listening, and laughing when Iím not looking at spreadsheets, LOL.
At each year-end dinner, we listen to transformational stories as each intern attempts to describe the incredible change they have undergone. My guess is that it will be some time before they realize the true impact of being a part of the unique community JIP has created. My goal is to help support this work and ensure that JIP remains a viable community partnership program.

Martha Hart
My support and commitment to the Johnson Intern Program goes back many years. Before I retired from a long career in nursing and as an ordained deacon at Chapel of the Cross, I had the privilege of being in attendance at the church Vestry meeting in 1999 when the JIP was initially "birthed". With a bequest from a parishioner who had a great interest in the education of young adults, the program came to fruition with 3 interns in 2000 and a director who had completed a similar Episcopal Young Adult Intern Program in California. Likewise, for me, it has been a great privilege to be involved over the past 12 years and witness not only the growth and development of the program itself, but also of the growth and development of the now 8 amazing young adults who participate each year.
Personally, I am very committed to service to others, both through the church and beyond, and am fortunate to be able to continue in several service activities. My "special" one is serving as a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill.
I believe the JIP is the epitome of servant ministry! Through its focus on spiritual development, social justice and servant leadership , the core program values of communion, compassion, co-creation, collaboration and character come into play in each activity the interns are engaged in. It is indeed inspiring to witness the growth and transformative development of each of the interns over the course of the program year. Serving as a mentor for two consecutive years, 2007-2009 and participating in the Servant Leadership course was a wonderful experience for me and further strengthened my commitment. I have always enjoyed working with children, youth and young adults and feel privileged and blessed to serve on the Board of Directors at the present time.

Darryl Owens
My name is Darryl Owens and I serve as the Womenís Services Chaplain/Grief Counselor at UNC Hospitals. I always like a challenge and enjoy learning new things in serving those to whom Iím assigned. Iím glad to say I have that desire met daily as a chaplain. But my learning isnít confined to the walls of the hospital. I remember initially hearing about the Johnson Intern Program through a colleague who was working with them for a short time. Many years later when Dr. Bowes invited me to join the Board, I was transported back to my initial excitement about the concept of the program. I have served on the Board since the beginning of the 2011 fiscal year and am delighted to serve the program in the many ways available to the Board. From hearing the stories of the interns about their placements, to the many ways the Board works to improve the Program and its processes, my learning and challenges continue. What a blessing!

Todd Peterson
As a relatively new member of the JIP Board I hope to learn from the organization as well as contribute to it. I consider my primary responsibility as a Board member to be a good fiduciary, and will draw on previous experiences (as trustee, executive, and trainee) to help fulfill that. Currently I am on the Chatham Hospital board, where I also chair the finance committee. Previously I have served on the board for Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA, & North Carolina Hospital Assoc.

My career included working with 3 large academic medical centers and a bank. I retired after more than 20 years as the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, University of North Carolina Hospitals. One of my favorite experiences there was serving as mentor for a post-master-degree administrative fellow every year. The University of Pittsburgh (BS) and The George Washington University (MA) helped me prepare.

My wife Jan Diamond and I enjoyed raising 3 children mostly in Chapel Hill-Carrboro; we decided to remain here in retirement, and try to provide some service to the community (when not at our NC beach cottage, or visiting family not lucky enough to live here in ďthe southern part of heavenĒ).

David Ross
I am recently retired as President and Chairman of the Board of Ross, Johnston & Kersting, Inc., a development consulting firm. Prior to my career with RJK for over 30 years, I served as Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Duke University after being associated with Ohio Wesleyan University as Assistant to the VP for University Relations and Assistant to the President for Development. My undergraduate degree is from Ohio Wesleyan University and I received my J.D. from Duke University Law School.
I am a parishioner at Chapel of the Cross and have been actively involved serving on boards with many Triangle area organizations over the years. This will be my 2nd term on the Johnson Intern Board and I look forward to meeting the interns and learning about their vital community service. I am married to Ele Miller Ross and have three sons and five grandchildren.

Susan Steinberg
I am the Associate Pastor for Children's Ministries at the United Church of Chapel Hill, so most of my time and ministry focuses on children in the fifth grade and younger. I love serving on the JIP Board because it allows me to connect with another generation: inspiring, inquiring and spirit-filled young adults. Bearing witness to the interns' faith-led lives and depth of commitment to social change, service and spiritual growth gives me hope for the world--and a vision of the kind of people the children I work with may become. At least I pray they do!
My own path toward ministry included several intentional Christian communities and work with nonprofit organizations. Along the way I received support from the Episcopal Church, in the form of a Jonathan Daniels Memorial Fellowship from Episcopal Divinity School for an internship. Thus I feel connected to the interns on a variety of levels, and grateful for the opportunity to support them--and learn from them---throughout their year in Chapel Hill. In my relatively short time on the board I have felt and seen God's transforming presence actively at work!

Ted Vaden
Board Chair
I am a returnee to the Johnson Intern Program, having previously served on the initial Board of Advisors when the program was getting started around 2000. Two aspects of the Johnson Intern Program appeal to me Ė the emphasis on community service, and the development of young people. JIP does both well. I recently retired, after a career in journalism and government. Iím a 19-year parishioner at Chapel of the Cross, and Iíve been a volunteer with United Way, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA, El Centro Latino, and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation. Iím married to Betsy Vaden, a potter, and we have three grown children, Carter, Brandon and Annie.
Chair: Ted Vaden
Vice Chair: Darryl Owens
Treasurer: Brian Coggins
Secretary: Alice Cotten
Past Board Members

The initial Intern Exploration Committee was charged with developing a program to be named after Margaret Johnson. Members of this committee met on June 29, 1999 and included John Covach (Chair), Caroline Alexander, Archie Copeland (Parish Education), Andy Dobelstein (Vestry Laison), Steve Moore, Jim Reingruber, Stephen Stanley (Chaplain), Hugh Tilson (Social Ministry), and Stacey Tompkins (Youth).
Members of the initial Board of Advisors
Fred Irons (Chair)
Annette Kahn
Eleanor Kinnaird
Hugh Tilson, Jr.
Amanda Townsend (intern)
Janet M Turchi
Ted Vaden
2002 to 2004
Fred Irons, Chair
Watson Bowes
Marsha Torres
Stephen Stanley
Annette Kahn
Bob Chase
Janet Turchi
Ted Vaden
Megan Sanders (Intern)
Meredith MacAskill (Intern)
Melody Harrison
Hugh Tilson
Marsha Hamilton
The Johnson Intern Programís Board of Directors began as of March 1, 2005 at the time of the application for 501c3 not-for-profit status. The following are former board members that served after that time.
Katie Thompson
Mary Anne Handy
Shawn Handy
Virginia Carson
Jim Crow
Carrie Fesperman
Reginald Hildebrand
Dionysios Kakouras
David Ross
Pope ('Mac') McCorkle
Robert Seymour
Watson Bowes, Jr.
Pat McCarthy
Vince Kopp
Solita Denard
Lawrence (Larry) Logan
Sarah Wells
Leona Whichard
Marion (ĎChickí) White
Jill Edens
Ernest Kraybill
Andrew Dobelstein
James Satterwhite
Marty Rogers
Amey Adkins
Mary Chase
Sarah Campbell


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