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2013 - 2014

Kim AndersonI’m Kim Anderson and am from the central coast of California. I come from many families—all who have given me love, guidance, humor, and struggle—and I am very close to my two siblings, Marika and Jeremy. I studied at Scripps College for Women in southern California. Scripps is a beautiful and wonderful place where many of my feelings about service began to take shape. With a major in Religious Studies that focused in communities and ethics, I had plenty of opportunity to discuss concepts of social service, justice and community. And in several internships I had the opportunity to practice those concepts.

I was drawn to the Episcopal Service corps for its attention to emotional and spiritual knowledge. I fear the devaluation of feeling and inner life in our world, so any place that seeks to make space for those things is a place I want to be! In particular, I am coming to the Johnson Program in Chapel Hill because of the tremendous community that it comes with. I am eager to be in a network, a web, a village, a house of people that make that very generous commitment to each other to bring all of their parts to the table—honestly and courageously.

I really love singing and playing guitar, although I don’t get to do that very often these days. I also love to dance. I have no training but I took a course in college that released a little something in me and now I crave that act of creation more than most things! At the very center of my heart these days are flowers. I have suddenly and rather randomly developed a HUGE affinity for all things flower related, and it is such a delight in my life. I read florist blogs daily, study about flower varieties and design and was lucky enough to attend a floral design workshop this past year. My dream is to merge flower arranging and social activism—any ideas about how to make that happen are welcome :) Other things I do often and enjoy greatly: alternative baking, walking, raw cooking, writing, and TV watchin’!

Emily GaoHello, I’m Emily Gao. I’m from Madison, Connecticut, a small seaside town close to the city of New Haven, where I lived with my parents and younger brother for most of my life before starting college in Massachusetts. For the first fourteen years of my life, three of my grandparents also lived with us. I like arts-and-crafts and I especially like finding excuses to make small decorative nick-knacks (often with little practical purpose) for my friends. I come from a family of scientists and I studied Chemistry and concentrated in biochemistry at Williams College. I am interested in medicine and am thinking of a career as a healthcare provider. In college I worked as a laboratory research assistant and became involved in volunteering at a nursing home and at a local women’s shelter for survivors of domestic violence. I found many role models in the women’s shelter—both in the shelter staff and in the survivors.

After college I wanted an opportunity for personal growth and to learn more about the ways in which non-medical institutions can influence health. I am coming to the Johnson Intern Program because I want to learn more about community and service which is a lifelong commitment. I want to understand what motivates others to serve, and I am excited to share my service experiences in the coming year with other people.

Anyka JeromeMy name is Anyka Jerome and I’m a recent graduate of Muhlenberg College with a BA in International Studies. Four years ago, I dreamed about what life in college and afterwards would be and the turn it has taken is way beyond what I have imagined. I now feel blessed to be part of the JIP family and cannot wait for this year to start. I look forward to opportunities to become an asset to my new community using my skills and talents. On my spare time, however little, you will find me catching up the different TV shows that I have missed during the school year, praise-dancing, walking around in the city (I like discovering new and fun shops or restaurants or hang-outs), and journaling. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, and catching great plays.

At Muhlenberg College, I was part of G.O.D. (God Ordained Dancers) and I not only enjoyed my time as a member, but I also met some wonderful people who became friends. In the future I would love to travel around the world and learn from other cultures and peoples as well and make positive contributions to those places. Haiti, my native country, is of course on that list. Although my family will miss me, everyone has been very supportive. I am especially grateful to my mom and little sister. They have been my core support. Education has always been essential in my family. I am thankful for all the sacrifices made to assure that I had the best education possible. I remember growing up in Haiti, my mom waking up at 5-o’clock every morning to drive a two hour commute to get me to school on time and then barely have enough time to make it to work. Therefore, I had to make sure that her sacrifices were not in vain.

Our country, and our world in general, are thirsting for great leadership and role models. This made me appreciate JIP’s mission even more. By providing support and training for young adults, JIP is helping to create efficient future leaders for our country who are deeply rooted in their faiths and traditions. Growing up in Haiti, I experienced first the consequence of inefficient leadership or lack thereof. My hope is that we will all develop into positive leaders and take what we learn to make positive changes in our community and sow seeds for future generations.

Michael MullarkeyMy name is Michael Mullarkey, and I’m grateful to be along for the ride, and not really using a metaphor. I turned 2 in a hotel while my family was driving from Texas to Michigan, and we took road trips from Austin to both Seattle and Maine when I got a little older. Growing up like that, it’s probably not a surprise that driving a few hundred miles to climb a mountain is a little higher on my “Top Vacation Ideas” list than most people’s. In between our adventures, I still think of my dad as a professional problem solver, though his business card says software developer. I’ve only begun to appreciate how many full-time jobs being stay-at-home was equivalent to for my mom, and it wouldn’t surprise me if my little brother came up with the grand unified theory of physics in his spare time.

I graduated with a BA in Psychology from American University in 2011, and since I’m not a huge fan of sleep I also completed the Pre-Medical course track. I’ve worked as a counselor for teenagers with mental illness in both Maryland and Virginia since then. If the data I just took a break from analyzing becomes comprehensible words by August, I’ll be graduating with an MA in Psychology from American with a focus in Clinical Psychology. I love psych research, and hope to make a career out of contributing original work that proactively prevents mental illness and works to maximize people’s strengths even in dire circumstances. I write comedy articles for Cracked.com, do mud runs, create bizarre mash-ups on my guitar, and read as many contradictory opinions as I can handle.

In that vein, I’m looking forward to the Johnson Intern Program as a contradictory course of action. JIP is the perfect opportunity to flip the “me-first” script and devote a year to intentional collaboration in the pursuit of a higher purpose. I’ve enjoyed learning from lots of mistakes while living in DC for the past five years, but I’m looking forward to struggling with how I fit into a much larger, ever-shifting puzzle.

Andy PhillipsMy name is Andy Phillips. I am 22 years old and in the spring of 2013, I graduated from Roanoke College with a degree in Sociology. My family is spread out across the country with my sister in New York City and my parents in our home state of Illinois. With my degree in Sociology, I have seen the world is more varied and colorful then what it first appears to be. Everyone has a personal story they want to share in order to know others and be known by them. All people have that right and that’s one of the reasons I am excited to be a part of the Johnson Intern Program.

In working with JIP this year I hope that I will not only grow in my faith but also look even further outside myself to the community at large. Non- profit work is a necessary entity in our world and being a part of one in any way helps the spread of good will. I am looking forward to what God has in store for me and the other interns in our year living together.

As for hobbies, I am an avid collector of comic books and the sci-fi genre. While I mainly collect comics, I am also known for diving into a good TV show or book every once in awhile. With shows like Lost or comics like Green Lantern, I find a deep story about humanity within the pages or minutes of each series. Issues such as addiction and war can be looked at without a political agenda and a clearer view can be grasped when real lives are not at stake.

I am excited and cannot wait to get started in North Carolina this coming year!

Anna ShineMy name is Anna Shine and I’m from Zionville, NC. I have two sisters, Lara and Fiona, and a brother, Jonathan. We grew up together in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, and have our wonderful parents to thank for moving us there from Birmingham, AL when we were young. My parents both work as family physicians in this rural mountain setting, and through their dedication to other’s needs, have instilled in all of their children a desire to help others. Some of my interests include reading, making music (I play violin), playing soccer and frisbee, dancing, hiking, and gardening. I love exploring the stories that we live by. Being narrative creatures, it’s fascinating to see how we create, and even re-create, ourselves through our stories and how we present these stories to others. This ties into my fascination with identity and how we create, hold on to, and let go of it, both individually and communally. I’m currently also interested in mysticism (of multiple traditions), new monastic communities, and exploring sustainability.

I graduated from Elon University with a degree in Religious Studies and a minor in German. After graduating, I spent a year in Tübingen, Germany studying languages and preparing for graduate studies. I entered Harvard Divinity School the next year and graduated in May 2012 with a Masters of Theological Studies. While I thoroughly love learning and being a student, I nevertheless find the world of Academia to be a disembodying experience. There is rarely time to put what one learns into real practice. It is to this end that I applied to the Johnson Intern Program. I am excited to have the opportunity to live in intentional community while also volunteering and experiencing the world outside of the classroom! I hope to learn from my fellow interns’ experiences, to come to understand servant leadership in an active way, and to enjoy the journey as it unfolds!

Rachel SternMy name is Rachel Stern and I am a graduating senior at Goucher College where I study Religion and French. I am from Vermont and was raised, along with my 24 year old brother, on a small family farm. Both of my parents are teachers - my mom teaches fifth grade and my dad is the theater director at the high school I attended.

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with the performing arts and have sung, danced, and acted throughout college. I am also very active and love to go for a good jog or a challenging hike. I stumbled upon religious studies in college and they have absolutely changed my life, challenged my perspective of the world, and brought me to JIP. I hope to set the tone for my life as one of accountability, giving and love.

Emma SternlofMy name is Emma Sternlof and I was lucky enough to grow up in the vibrant coastal city of New London, Connecticut. My hilarious, intelligent, supportive family consists of my parents, Kerin and Karl, and my younger sister, Nora. I’m twenty-one and graduated from Trinity College with a history major and a religion minor in May 2013. I love going to concerts, reading, dancing, discussing current events and pop culture, and spending time outside. Spiritually, I was raised as a liberal Catholic; throughout the course of my college career, I have been inspired and sustained by the Episcopal tradition.

I was drawn to the Johnson Intern Program for its holistic approach to social justice and personal growth, its focus on intentional communal life, and the opportunity to engage with the Chapel Hill/Carrboro community. As I leave college and work to discern my path, I want to think seriously about faith, service, and what I’m called to contribute to the world. JIP provides a unique opportunity for this kind of intellectual and spiritual development. I’m so excited to explore a new part of America, learn about and advocate for social justice, and bond with my fellow interns!

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