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The Johnson Intern Program (JIP) partners with organizations in the community to provide our interns with meaningful work, excellent supervision, and ongoing training. We match our interns and placements through an elaborate system of information sharing and interviews that take place when the interns first arrive in Chapel Hill.

Following a time of retreat and initial training with the intern group, JIP members begin their service with a Partner Organization (PO) around the first of September.

Each week our interns serve 32 hours in their placements (Monday through Thursday). Fridays are reserved for our leadership training that is based on the servant-leader model. The hours that the placements require vary, and some evening (and occasionally) weekend hours are necessary.

The interns are challenged to fulfill the needs that their placements present while also honoring the commitments they make to the intentional community.

Typically our POs change a bit from year-to-year. Our 2013-2014 Partner Organizations are:

Club Nova

Freedom House Recovery Center

Dispute Settlement Center

The Seymour Center


Urban Ministries of Durham

Dress for Success
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Partner Organization Request Form 2013-2014
Partner Organization Guide 2013-2014
Our past Partner Organizations include:
Durham Economic Resource Center
Housing for New Hope
Central Park Charter School
Family Violence Prevention Center
Orange County Habitat for Humanity
United Church of Christ
Habitat for Humanity
The Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate Program
A Helping Hand

The Interfaith Council
Alliance of AIDS Services
People of Faith Against the Death Penalty Teen Court
The Augustine Project
Durham Literacy Council
Orange County Literacy Council
Communities in Schools
Charles House
Empowerment, Inc.
The Women’s Center
A note from a partner organization, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA
Tricia Smar, Intern Advisor

The Johnson Intern Program translates differently in the various organizations and communities in which these special individuals are placed. At the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA, JIP means “opportunity.” During the 2011-2012 year, the Y was privileged to experience a multitude of opportunities through our partnership with JIP. The measurable and immeasurable opportunities our Johnson Intern, Drew Bonner, afforded both the Y’s Boomerang alternative to suspension program and our Darkness to Light child sexual abuse prevention program have expanded our services even farther into the community. Additionally, the Johnson Interns chose to enhance the outreach efforts of the Y’s Darkness to Light initiative by staffing and participating in our first-ever child abuse prevention month. What would have taken us months and possibly years as staff, the Johnson Interns have accomplished in a matter of weeks, laying the foundation for this event to continue in the future. In the coming months and years, I know we will continue to see the positive impact of this year’s Johnson Interns as the seeds of opportunity they have planted begin to blossom throughout the community. The effects of these individuals expand far beyond Chapel Hill and they will carry some of that with them wherever they go next. I’m confident that the interns have learned a great amount from their service sites and both working and living together, but I want to emphasize the learning opportunity partnering with them has provided me. This talented group has served to enhance the Y, the Darkness to Light initiative, and myself as a professional and supervisor. I am honored to have gotten to work with both Drew and JIP as a whole, to experience the growth of the individual interns and of the community impact they create. It will be a challenge to top the accomplishments of this past year with JIP, but I am hopeful to have such an invaluable opportunity again.

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